Fines and Fees

       As of January 1, 2022 we have waived all overdue fines on

Calmar Library items for patrons registered at the Calmar Library! 

You will still receive a checkout receipt with due dates listed. Reminders will be sent 3 days before an item's due date. Automated overdue notices are sent at the following intervals:

  • 7 days overdue
  • 14 days overdue
  • 21 days overdue

These reminders are a courtesy, and it is a patron's responsibility to return items on time. 28 days after a due date, unreturned items are considered "Lost" and a replacement cost will be charged to your account. Returning items within three months will delete this charge, but after three months returns aren't accepted and the charge must be paid.

Since items from other TRAC libraries can often have different loan periods and fine amounts, it is important to keep track of when your items must be returned.

Patrons accept full responsibility to pay for lost or damaged items.