Virtual Escape Rooms

Try out any of the Calmar Library's virtual escape rooms!

Immerse yourself in a unique storyline and see if you can solve the puzzles each month! These escape rooms are designed for ages 7 and up, and can be completed on your own or together with friends and family. We recommend having a pencil and paper handy to take notes, or your phone if you prefer to take pictures.

Stuck? Stumped? Send us an email and we'll give you some hints!

December 2020: Saving Santa's Workshop

Oh No! It seems that a new elf at Santa’s workshop has lost the Nice and Naughty lists. Now it's up to you to search Santa's workshop to find them and save Christmas!

January 2021: Flee the Flying Dutchman

You and your crew of swashbuckling pirates have sailed the seas for as long as you can remember, always looking for more treasure. Your latest search has led you to the cursed ghost ship, the Flying Dutchman. Now trapped aboard, you must work quickly to escape...or else join Davy Jones's crew of the undead...

February 2021: Come Home to Calmar

It's Homecoming in Calmar! There's just one problem: the key to the town is missing, and the festivities cannot begin without it! Are you up to the challenge to find it? This virtual escape room was originally created in collaboration with the Town of Calmar to celebrate Family Day.

February 2022: Space Station Invasion

Years of school and training have led up to this moment: you are officially an astronaut, embarking on your first solo mission to the International Space Station! But what should be exciting turns terrifying when the Station comes under attack—from aliens! Can you escape before they capture you?

Coming Soon...

Can you save the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park before the volcano explodes?