Reading Bags

Try our reading bags...they're not just for kids!

REQUEST BAG: 780.985.3472 or email

Let us do the picking! Much like a "blind date with a book," the library's Reading Bags are perfect for when we have to close to the public, or when we're open and you're looking for a no-hassle experience. Our Reading Bags make specific use of the books currently on our shelves, so there's no extended waits for items to arrive!

For Younger Readers:

Please provide the ages of the younger readers in your life, as well as their reading levels and what they're interested in!

For Adult Readers:

Please provide us with your favourite authors, books, or genres!

That's it! Library staff will do the rest, selecting between 1-5 books (if you need more than that, particularly for the younger readers, just ask!) that fit your request. If your account is set to maintain a reading history, staff will reference it to ensure we are selecting items you have not yet already read or watched—at least using the library! Unless of course you mention a favourite you're itching to read again...

Library staff will contact you once your Reading Bag is ready for pick-up. 

PLEASE NOTE: While the library is closed to the public Reading Bags are available to pick-up by appointment only, following the same procedures as our Curbside Pick-Up Service. When the library is open, we'll have your items ready and waiting for whenever you drop by.